What do customers say about Nutrition Plus?

“I have been feeding this product for several years” states Jim Seaney.

Jim Seaney at the Craft Ranch in Roy, NM

I have been feeding this product for several years, I like the product because the cattle consume it well and its holds up to moisture, cattle will continue to eat it and it doesn’t spoil or get too hard after it dries out.

“We continue to do business with Nutrition Plus because they have their priorities in the right place.” states Mike Kuhlman.

ca4ae5268f6c88a8-KuhlmanKuhlman and Sons Family operation in Canyon, Texas is located in the heart of the Panhandle. They have been in the ranching and farming business since the early 1900’s. The operation is now run by Mike and Gary Kuhlman. They are also part owners of Dawn Feeders, a 20,000 head capacity yard located in Randall County, Texas. The Kuhlman family is well known in their community for their generosity and support of the 4H, High School rodeo, and West Texas A & M University.

Since the ranches have been using Nutrition Plus mineral, Chris says the cows are getting bred on the first heat cycle and he has not seen any retained placentas following birth.

Mike and Gary are very good operators and are pleased with the results they obtain from using Nutrition Plus mineral. Their program has changed from a Cow/calf operation to running stocker cattle, and are pleased with the health and performance using the NP 5 CTC mineral.

“If you have a good mineral that works for you, you better stay with it.” says Scharbauer.

c50a8c19b33709ed-scharbauer1Scharbauer Cattle Company has been in business since 1885.  It is a 4th generation, family owned ranching operation with ranches located in Moore and Oldham counties in the Texas Panhandle, and in Martin, Midland, and Andrews counties in West Texas.  They first started their ranching business in the Midland area.  They purchased the Alamocitos Ranch in Oldham County in 1952.

Chris Scharbauer purchased the Five S Ranch, located in Moore County, in 1988.  He became the President and first sole owner of Scharbauer Cattle Company in 120 years.

Chris believes in a good quality supplemental program.  He has been using Nutrition Plus products on both the Five S Ranch in Moore County and the Alamocitos Ranch in Oldham County which total about 2200 head of cows.  Pete Kvanvig, Area Sales Manager for Nutrition Plus, has been actively involved in the nutritional program for Scharbauer’s cow/calf operation in the Texas Panhandle for the past 7 years.  Pete grew up on a ranch in South Dakota and has many years experience in the ranching and cow/calf industry.

c5081c471430089b-scharbauer2Scharbauer has seen many benefits from the use of Nutrition Plus mineral.  They have improved the conception rate, increased the live calf crop, improved the general health of the calves and obtained better overall condition on the cattle year round.

Chris knows it takes several things to make a ranching operation successful and profitable. He believes in being a steward of the land and spends a lot of time on range management. He sprays mesquite and lays pipeline to ensure an adequate water supply for his cattle. He also believes in supplying mineral to cattle all year long. Chris has made a change from the loose mineral in the last few years, now using our NP 7 Mineral block. He says that he gets great consumption with the block and still has great performance.

Because of an openness to new ideas, excellent management, the desire to make his business more profitable, and the love for what he does, Chris Scharbauer and Scharbauer Cattle Company have become a very successful part in the ranching industry today.

“I do business with Nutrition Plus because they have a Good product…..” states Bert Ancell.

Ojo Feliz Ranch, Wagon Mound NM

I do business with Nutrition Plus because they have a Good product, the cows consume it well and they never go completely off of it. Consumption varies throughout the year but consumption is close to 4 oz per head per day on the average.

“We’ve fed Nutrition Plus products at Triple M Cattle Co., since the inception of the company…..” states Randy Glover.

Triple M Cattle Co.

We’ve fed Nutrition Plus products at Triple M Cattle Co., since the inception of the company, with great success. I firmly believe the quality and palatability of the mineral has greatly reduced our occurrence of yearlings consuming loco weed and by adding CTC, our pinkeye problems have all but been eliminated. “Feeding Nutrition Plus mineral allows our yearlings to perform to their genetic potential typically gaining from 2.2-2.8 lbs. per day for the grazing season.” The NP2S cow mineral has had a definite impact on the health and reproductivity of our cows, and I really like the Crystalyx product-‘ Stablelyx’ and the way it keeps a bloom on our horses.