It’s no secret that a nutritionally well-balanced horse will be able to maintain an overall better physical condition and willingness to perform to their peak ability.

During times of stress due to physical exertion, critical growth and development periods, or emotional trauma, trace minerals have been proven to be very effective at maintaining the horse’s well being, performance level and overall health.

Free Choice Horse Performance Plus Mineral

Free Choice Horse Performance Plus is a palatable, balanced mineral supplement for horses that is fortified with:

  • CALCIUM, PHOSPHORUS, AND MAGNESIUM – These minerals are necessary for strong bone development, for optimum energy utilization, reproductive performance, and fiber digestion.
  • COBALT, COPPER, MANGANESE, SELENIUM AND ZINC – Trace minerals play vital roles in body metabolism and maintain an active immune system, healthy tissues and overall animal health. Several of these trace minerals play key roles in energy and protein metabolism and are essential to optimize efficiency.
  • VITAMINS A, D, AND E, AS WELL AS B COMPLEX VITAMINS – These vitamins key roles in the maintenance of optimum heath, growth, and reproductive performance increasing stamina and appetite. Research has shown that the B vitamin, biotin, improves hoof quality.
  • SODIUM – This is the major electrolyte necessary for acid-base balance and osmotic pressure.


  • Increased strength, endurance, and stamina
  • Improved overall health, condition & appearance
  • Support hoof growth & qualityLuxurious hair coats
  • Optimize feed consumption & utilization, and water intake.

We also offer Crystalyx protein supplement for horses called Stablelyx.


Performance Plus Equine Brochure