Nutrition Plus is an American owned and operated company that provides a full line of quality livestock minerals and other nutrition supplements. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best products and services in the industry, offering the best nutrition for your cattle (cow/calf, stocker, feedlot), horses, sheep and goats.

The company is based on customer relationships, quality products, dependable deliverability and competitive pricing. Our goal is to assist the livestock producer in being the very best steward of the assets they have in order to produce the desired results.

NP began its journey in 2003, formed by a group of partners in the cattle industry. They believed American owned and American operated was the logical approach to American livestock producers. Partners who are involved in marketing products and the ultimate success of those products have a unique vested interest in the success of the Company. Nutrition Plus has prospered because of this perspective.

All Nutrition Plus mineral products are manufactured at a state of the art production facility. The production facility manufactures premix and mineral formulations exclusively (no feeds), and is specially designed with specific equipment, using the best ingredients available to make a quality livestock mineral product. Nutrition Plus implements the usage of several manufacturing facilities that not only provide convenience of distribution but insures quality consistency throughout all of our various formulations of supplementation products.NP is not a “price driven” company but rather has quality as well as affordability priorities in order to serve it’s livestock clientele. Our Company logo; “Branded For Quality” is not just a phrase but a philosophy of commitment in all that we do.

The value of nutritional supplementation is not a new concept. However the most efficient means of obtaining the greatest results from that supplementation is a constantly evolving process. For years salt, phosphorous and calcium were about the only ingredients in most supplementation products. Nutrition Plus was born out of a philosophy that believes that micro-nutrients such as copper, zinc, selenium, manganese along with certain vitamin additives were also vitally important.

In addition to micro-nutrients, other additives can be blended into Nutrition Plus formulations in order to maximize livestock performance. Additives such as ionophores Bovatec and Rumensin can be added for increased gains on growing cattle. Altosid IGR, Rabon or ClariFly for fly control, as well as Poloxalene for the prevention of bloat are also available and effective additives to many of our formulations. Additionally organic micro-nutrient packages can be added to many of our formulations in order to accommodate special nutritional needs.

Nutrition Plus has many standardized formulations for immediate use. These standardized products were formulated after years of forage sample analysis and field testing, and comparing to Nutrient requirements which revealed the primary needs of balanced nutrition in most geographical areas. The naturally occurring available nutrients determine what the animal is able to consume thus allowing producers to supplement needed additional nutrition. If standardized formulations are deemed inadequate, NP has the ability to customize a formulation that, once again, maximizes animal nutrition and performance.

Branded For Quality is the standard for which Nutrition Plus strives every day to fulfill. This standard is achieved by providing quality products with quality results! Relationships are the benchmark of our successes both past and future. We invite you to be a part of our journey!