"Where's my Nutrition Plus?"

Nutrition Plus is an American owned and operated company that provides a full line of quality livestock minerals and other nutrition supplements. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best products and services in the industry, offering the best nutrition for your cattle ( cow/calf , stocker , feedlot ), horses , sheep and goats .

Our products are manufactured at a Production Facility that is "State of the Art". The production facility manufactures premix and mineral formulations exclusively (no feeds) and is specially designed with specific equipment, using the best ingredients available to make a quality mineral product.  

Consistent Products - Predictable Consumption - Performance Response

The ultimate result is a cost effective nutrition program that will maximize livestock performance.

A “Profitable Cattle Business” does not happen by accident. It requires the “Best” Nutrition, Genetics , and vaccination programs along with “hands on” good management. Like any successful business, wise investments get the “Best” return on money spent.



 Incoming cattle Disease Defense Systems require ready reserves of copper, manganese, zinc and other minerals and vitamins available in NutriGel Plus.

Nutrition Plus is pleased to announce we are the new distributor for Crystalyx Brand Supplements.  This  means more options for you.  There is a Crystalyx Supplement that will best fit the needs of your cattle.

We are a proud distributor for Ritchie Waterers.  For further information, click on the logo below.